How To Make Outlined Text In Inkscape

This tutorial will show you how to make text with an outline in Inkscape. I used this effect in the title screen of HexMatch.

Outlined text

1. Write the text

Use the text tool to write the words you want to outline. Set the font and size, as well as the letter spacing. You won't be able to edit the text after it is outlined, so make sure you like the layout. I used the font Sevillana here. Make sure that the text has no stroke.

Write text with the text tool

Make sure the text has no stroke

2. Duplicate the text

Switch to the select tool and select the text. Duplicate it, then change the fill color of the duplicate. The color doesn't matter, but changing it will make it easier to tell the difference between the outline and the text in the next steps.

Duplicate the text

Change the fill color of the duplicated text

3. Convert the duplicated text to a path

Step 1

With the duplicated text selected, click Object to Path.

Convert the text to a path

This converts each letter to a separate path and makes a group of all the letters. The next steps will convert them into a single path.

Step 2

Ungroup the letters.

Ungroup the letters

Step 3

Combine them into one path.

Combine the paths

4. Expand the outline

To make the outline path bigger, click Dynamic Offset. This will put a diamond handle on the path. Dragging this handle will make the path bigger or smaller.

Lower the outline path behind the text, then drag the handle to make the outline as big as you want. Zooming in can make it easier to make small adjustments in the outline.

Add a dynamic offset

Dynamic offset handle

Lower the outline object

Expand the outline by dragging the offset handle

5. Set the colors

Now you can set the fill colors of the text and outline. Here I used a gradient for the text and a flat color for the outline.

Group the outline and the text together to create the final outlined text.

Outlined text