Game prototypes that were made quickly. These may or may not turn into full games.

Gem Words

Gem Words

This is a simple word jumble game I made for August One Game A Month. I made it with Haxe and OpenFL, and I focused on making the HTML5 build run well on my ancient Motorola Droid with the dreaded stock Android browser. The HTML5 target of OpenFL has some issues which made this quite challenging, but I figured out how to work around them so I expect to use it for more HTML5 games in the future. I haven't tested the Anrdoid and Linux native builds yet. I'll post them later if they work.

File Your Taxes Prototype

This is a game that tries to capture the boredom and frustration of filing taxes. To complete your taxes, you will have to painstakingly jump through arbitrary hoops that you don't even know exist. Just like real life! You will have to deal with employees who are too bored and cynical to give you even the least amount of help. Just like real life! If you fail to complete your taxes in time, you'll be sent to jail. Just like real life!

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