Fluyo is a matching tile game with local multiplayer inspired by Puyo Puyo. I made this game over a weekend to try out HaxeFlixel running on OpenFL. This is a cross-platform language and toolkit, so with one code base I can create Flash, HTML5, Android, and Linux games. This isn't a wrapped SWF like Adobe Air, it's natively compiled code for each platform, and it makes use of hardware accelerated graphics when available. HaxeFlixel is a port of Flixel built on top of this system. Using this has worked out very well, and Haxe is a joy compared to AS3, so I'm really excited to try something more demanding.

Since I was making this for a test and One Game A Month June, I decided to open source the code. You can get the code for Fluyo under the GPL3.

There are some glaring omissions, like sound and background graphics. I'm going to add some of that soon, but I'd like to see what you can do with it. Let me know on twitter.