Hex Match

This is a hexagonal match 3 game that I made for One Game a Month in September. I was working on a different game most of the month, but ended up making this in about a week. I got some use out of the Haxe port of the Flint particle system that I brought up to date recently to get some nice explosion effects. I also made heavy use of the Actuate library for animations, which made the game come together a lot faster than I expected. The Red Blob site on hexagonal grids also helped tremendously.

One thing I'm particularly proud of here is the animated background. This is a field of triangles which are animated using Perlin noise and a gradient texture. It's quite beautiful to watch; I think it looks like the surface of the ocean. It was inspired by Loren Bednar's Depth Check: Neptune (PS follow him on twitter), but it uses equilateral triangles to mimic the hexagons in the game. I wrote an article with more details about how to make the animated triangle effect.

This game also marks a vast improvement in my Inkscape skills. I was able to knock out the title and button graphics in about half an hour; they're simple but I think they look good. I made a tutorial about how to make outlined text in Inkscape. The hexagons were reused from Gem Words, but I added symbols to help distinguish them for color impaired vision. The symbols give the hexagons a lot of character and improved the aesthetic more than I expected.